"Hildegard returns to channel her message through the artistry of Linn Maxwell in a commanding performance that is as scholarly as it is relevant today! Her mezzo is at times haunting. . .the ideal voice. Intelligent, original, and historically captivating. . .a serious work of art that needs to be seen by the masses!" (Review)
~John Hoglund / NiteLife Exchange / New York Theater Review.

"A compellingly vivid evocation of one of the most remarkable churchwomen of the Middle Ages, exquisitely graceful renderings of Hildegard's sacred songs, a trans-American tour success! A special gem!" (Review)
~The Stage Newspaper (London) / Brian G. Cooper

"Hildegard is reborn as mezzo Linn Maxwell... hypnotically beautiful song". (Review)
~The Times (London) / Libby Purves

"A Real Fringe Find!" (Review)
~Three Weeks / Jennifer McGregor

"A Profound Engagement. . . it is work like this that can keep the beauty of medieval music alive!"
~BroadwayBaby.com / James Harding

"Maxwell's beautiful renderings of Hildegard's Latin liturgical sacred songs are spiritually uplifting." (Review)
~The Church of England Newspaper

"Performed. . .with great prowess and in such a way that the key facts of Hildegard of Bingen's life and times were gently brought to life and in put into the context of the period." (Review)
~EdinburgGuide.com / Barnaby Miln

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