Celebrate Hildegard's Saint Day
The liturgical calendar of the Roman Catholic Church associates dates with canonized saints. Thus, on every day of the year at least one saint is identified for commemoration, celebration, and reflection. National calendars do much of the same thing, designating holidays to commemorate significant leaders like Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King, Jr. In the Roman Catholic Church, these are known as a saint's "feast day." Since the Church has recognized so many saints, on some days more than one is celebrated.

Since her canonization in 2012, Hildegard's feast day is celebrated on September 17. This would be an excellent day to read more about Hildegard (check out the rest of this website), or even read some of her works. It would also be an excellent opportunity to listen to some of her music or watch a film about her (also available through this website).

Learn what you can, and take whatever inspiration you can from her example. If you are a Roman Catholic, you might also ask her to pray for you, particularly about some matter for which her life would be a helpful example.